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I am a photographer and darkroom printer, drawn to both the land and the sea and inspired by the ways in which the  fall of light picks out the tones, textures and contrasts inherent within the landscape as well as the relationship that exists between the land and the sky. 
I work on black and white film and all of my photographs are hand printed utilising traditional techniques and materials; I am also fascinated by the way the grain in the fast films that I work with adds a further textural dimension to my finished prints.  Working with film and traditional light sensitive papers is both creative and can sometimes be unpredictable my continued work and experimentation serves to increase both knowledge and understanding of the light sensitive materials with which I work.  All work is individually printed by hand and from each negative one final print is produced.
In addition to photography I also experiment with alternative photographic processes producing both cyanotypes and photograms; these processes originated in the mid 1800’s at the very beginnings of photography and are created without the use of a camera.